It’s Baby Quilt Time!

And it is about time! It has been six months since I began designing and piecing a new baby quilt. Then ‘Rona came and with that a l-o-n-g delay in receiving the fabric for the quilt back. However, in hindsight, the delay was actually a good thing. Had I finished the quilt before the new … Read more

Three Quilts, Two Rugs and One Sewing Room

Have you ever found yourself just wanting to sew? You want to make something – something easy and pretty but you don’t know exactly what? I had been away from my sewing machine for few days trying to get my most recent baby quilt ready to quilt and bind – a task that always produces … Read more

Hands Down THE Best Pattern For Pre-cut Fabric

In a previous post I provided a list of what I consider the top five tips and techniques to help guarantee success when quilting or making a quilt top. Number 1 on that list recommends using Pre-Cut fabric. And for this pattern I will be using: A solid layer cake of 10″ squares and one … Read more

When Did You Decide to Become a Quilter?

Now that I have spent the better part of the past three years piecing quilt tops and making quilts I’ve developed a curiosity about how other’s have made the decision to become a quilter. I ask this because, and as any quilter will tell you, in this day and age, the whole process of making … Read more

Can You Make a Quilt From Used Baby Clothes?

The short answer is YES. Making a quilt from used baby or children’s clothing is nothing new. It is a great way to preserve those precious memories and hold onto clothing that have a special meaning or significance. However,…And this is a l-o-n-g however, when making an item such as quilt, using any fabric other … Read more

Top 5 Quilting Tips & Techniques for Beginners

A New Year, A New Month and a New Top 5 Quilting Tips and Techniques for ALL Quilters From Beginner to Experienced Interesting how a New anything can spark renewed interest and motivation to “get things done”! One of the things I intend to “get done” is writing more articles about the process of quilting, … Read more

One + One = Three

Three you say? That’s right, one + one does not always equal two. When I’ve presented with that question in the past I’ve always responded, “one what?”. That same philosophy, “One what” applies here too. Read on and I’ll explain! If I’ve only learned one thing during my short tenure as a quilter, putting together … Read more

Christmas Wishes & Fabric Dreams!

I love Christmas as much as anyone but I have to admit I’m glad it’s here and tomorrow will be the beginning of things returning to “normal”. However, before  things return to normal I felt this to be a good time to share and very short but sweet snippet of what’s been happening in the … Read more

Need a Little Inspiration?

It’s 17 days before Christmas and if you’re like me you are a bit stressed, tired and almost to the point of just “wanting the holidays to be over with” so your life can return to normal – whatever that is! To keep up that momentum until it is “all over with” you need inspiration … Read more

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