Show and Tell

Hi Everyone! This post is going to be a little different from previous posts where the intent is to educate or provide important information to help you succeed in the quilting / sewing world. Not that the following is completely devoid of any information of value but I’ve decided to devote my time today to … Read more

Read This BEFORE Starting Your Next Free Motion Quilt!

That’s right…BEFORE you begin your next Free Motion Quilt read through this post! I have outlined THE best products and methods to make your free motion quilt project a complete success! My last post described my end-of-summer ritual – finishing projects, cleaning, organizing and planning for fall/winter/Christmas projects. No big surprises here. On the other … Read more

Top 3 Fall Quilting Projects

In my sewing room, the end of summer is that time when I wrap up all my summer projects, do a little cleaning and reorganize in prep for the beginning of fall and winter projects. Needless to say this month has been quite productive. I barely get one project completed however, I somehow found time … Read more

Goodbye July – Hello August!

Well, that went by fast. It seems only yesterday when discussions were centered on the 4th of July festivities, the warmth of summer sunshine, and aroma of fresh fruits and vegetables. Let’s have Some Fun! Today marks the first day of August and, in my opinion, a perfect opportunity to ask my granddaughters Lanna and … Read more

Quilts, Quilts and More Quilts!

July has arrived and with it LOTS of heat and sunshine and that’s just in my sewing room! My sewing machine has been running blue blazes and this past week I’ve felt fairly productive. Quilts, If you read my most recent post, the ONE big item on my list-of-things-that-I-HAVE-to-finish-soon was the Up In The Air … Read more

It’s Baby Quilt Time!

And it is about time! It has been six months since I began designing and piecing a new baby quilt. Then ‘Rona came and with that a l-o-n-g delay in receiving the fabric for the quilt back. However, in hindsight, the delay was actually a good thing. Had I finished the quilt before the new … Read more

Three Quilts, Two Rugs and One Sewing Room

Have you ever found yourself just wanting to sew? You want to make something – something easy and pretty but you don’t know exactly what? I had been away from my sewing machine for few days trying to get my most recent baby quilt ready to quilt and bind – a task that always produces … Read more

The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever

Do you have a mother? Are you a mother? Do you know a woman who is a mother? Do you like to give or receive gifts? Looking For The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever? Look no more. You have arrived to discover the best gift for anyone who enjoys sewing, quilting and/or crafting: AN ORGANIZED … Read more

Hands Down THE Best Pattern For Pre-cut Fabric

In a previous post I provided a list of what I consider the top five tips and techniques to help guarantee success when quilting or making a quilt top. Number 1 on that list recommends using Pre-Cut fabric. And for this pattern I will be using: A solid layer cake of 10″ squares and one … Read more

When Did You Decide to Become a Quilter?

Now that I have spent the better part of the past three years piecing quilt tops and making quilts I’ve developed a curiosity about how other’s have made the decision to become a quilter. I ask this because, and as any quilter will tell you, in this day and age, the whole process of making … Read more

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