One + One = Three

Three you say? That’s right, one + one does not always equal two. When I’ve presented with that question in the past I’ve always responded, “one what?”. That same philosophy, “One what” applies here too. Read on and I’ll explain! If I’ve only learned one thing during my short tenure as a quilter, putting together … Read more

Christmas Wishes & Fabric Dreams!

I love Christmas as much as anyone but I have to admit I’m glad it’s here and tomorrow will be the beginning of things returning to “normal”. However, before  things return to normal I felt this to be a good time to share and very short but sweet snippet of what’s been happening in the … Read more

Need a Little Inspiration?

It’s 17 days before Christmas and if you’re like me you are a bit stressed, tired and almost to the point of just “wanting the holidays to be over with” so your life can return to normal – whatever that is! To keep up that momentum until it is “all over with” you need inspiration … Read more

Top 5 Things to Do This Weekend #8

Once again Thursday has arrived and has brought you to My Quilting Space – the place for all the creative ideas and inspiration you’ll need to make the most of your weekend ahead! So let’s get started! 1. My Sewing Room ~~~ For those of you not in the thick of all things quilty, or … Read more

Top 5 Things to Do This Weekend #7

Hello again and welcome to my weekly post where I share ideas that I hope will inspire you to spend your weekend doing something fun and creative and… maybe learn something new along the way! Before September completely slips through our hands I’d like to say a word or two about sewing and National Sewing … Read more

Top 5 Things to Do This Weekend # 6

Seems like it was only yesterday…OK, yesterday two weeks ago, that I was sitting here eager to share with you a week’s worth of great finds, projects and inspiration to help you plan ahead and make the most of the weekend ahead. Since my last post a holiday has passed and we are now full … Read more

What To Do This Weekend #5

I cannot believe how fast this past week has flown by! Kids are back in school. Retail merchandise and displays are making their seasonal shift replacing outdoor furniture and pool side toys with Halloween, fall themed (and in some cases Christmas) decor. As much as I love the scent of pumpkin spice, watching the transformation … Read more

What to do This Weekend #4

Once again it’s Thursday and with the weekend barely around the corner, you know what that means! A front row seat to view five of my favorite ideas and inspirations collected throughout the week – and in plenty of time to ensure you have the Best Weekend Ever. So let’s get started: 1) My Sewing … Read more

What to do This Weekend #3

Here we are again… Thursday has arrived and Friday just called to announce she will be arriving bright and early in the morning! I’m glad you have arrived – the perfect place to gather all the ideas and inspiration you’ll need to carry you through and have the Best Weekend Ever! So, let’s get started: … Read more

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