Hands Down THE Best Pattern For Pre-cut Fabric

Grunge Collection fabric strips by BasicGrey

In a previous post I provided a list of what I consider the top five tips and techniques to help guarantee success when quilting or making a quilt top.

Number 1 on that list recommends using Pre-Cut fabric. And for this pattern I will be using:

A solid layer cake of 10″ squares and one jelly roll.

Being cooped up in the house has given me time to do some organizing and de cluttering – chores Ive neglected for too long. Digging through my closet I discovered a bag that had been pushed to the back and forgotten and inside were several jelly rolls of fabric. (I’ve been hoarding jelly rolls long before people began hoarding toilet paper rolls!)

As soon as I laid my eyes on this lush and colorful roll of happiness (Grunge collection by BasicGrey) I knew today was the day this precut roll of 2 1/2″ wide strips had to come out! Now I had to find the perfect backdrop for these high volume colors.

Another minute or two of searching led me to a soft white solid 10″ layer cake.

Free Spirit Off White 10' Square Layer Cake and Grunge Jelly Roll by BasicGrey Quilting Fabric

Great Susan, you found the fabric but what about the pattern?

What is the Best Pattern to use with Pre-Cut fabric?

It’s called Rising Star – a pattern created by Ron Doan – the husband of Jenny Doan, the founder and owner of the Missouri Star Quilt Company. To learn more about the MSQC or if you are in need of an uplifting story that depicts resiliency and innovation I invite you to go here.

Rising Star Quilt Pattern by the #Missouri Star Quilt Company

Assuming you would rather see MY version of the Rising Star quilt pattern, (vs. leaving this page to log into YouTube) stay here while I outline just how quick and easy it is to assemble these blocks.

1. (1) 10″ square

2. (1) 11″ length of 2 1/2″ strip (To prepare I cut each 42″ length jelly roll strip into four equal lengths approx 11″ long).

3. (1) 11″ length of 2 1/2″ strip in a color that contrasts with #2 above.

With so many colors it can be overwhelming trying to decide what color combinations to use – SERIOUSLY – this is the most difficult part of the entire project!

The photo below shows how I arrange the strips on my design wall. Placing these strips in a visually pleasing order helps me save time. When ready to sew I just grab a 10″ square and the (2) paired strips and go!

Place of pre cut jelly roll fabric strips in preparation for piecing Rising Star quilt top

A quick illustration of my assembly process can be viewed here:

Jenny Doan’s YouTube video showing how to construct the Rising Star quilt block can be viewed here.

If you watched Jenny’s video you know exactly what her Rising Star quilt looks like. Below are images showing my completed (4) block units positioned on my design wall before being sewn together to make one large block.

Grunge collection by BasicGrey fabric strips sewn on solid white Free Spirit fabric line to create four block units.  These combined units create the Rising Star Quilt patterns then

These are two large blocks – each made from (4) block units.

Two large Rising Star block units.

At the time of this writing, I have four large star blocks completed – now, only eight more to go!

Stay tuned for the finished product.

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