Pellon Shape Flex 101 and the Quilt Top Applique Process

Pellon Shape Flex interfacing vs Everything Else Out There Over the past couple years I’ve read many tutorials and watched several videos each describing the various techniques for creating a pattern to be attached – or appliqued – onto fabric. For every technique available, there are an equal number of associated pros and cons. For … Read more

Woodland Critters Baby Quilt – Part 1

    The Inside story This one continues to be quite a work in progress and has me doing a couple of things I’ve never done before: 1) machine applique and 2) learn and apply new techniques “as I go”. I like to take the time to practice and perfect a technique before incorporating it … Read more

Finishing Touches

    This is the third and final step needed to finish the quilt and make it ready to use and thankfully, it doesn’t involve many steps or materials and can be finished in a relatively short amount of time. Quilting per se is the actual stitching used to secure all three layers so during … Read more

The Quilt Sandwich

Part Two of a Three Part Series: How To Make Your First Quilt. Since this phase involves using what is known as a quilt “sandwich”, I have divided each section using food terminology.  As a side benefit, you may also see a correlation between making a quilt and following a cooking recipe or just about … Read more

The Quilt Top – Patterns and Pieces

  This is Where it all Begins – Creating the quilt top.     You attend a quilt festival, visit your local quilt shop or surf the web when a colorful fabric creation captures your eye. Your first thought, “I want to make that quilt” is quickly followed by a myriad of questions: Is a … Read more

Hello and Welcome to My Quilting Space! This is Susan and I have created this site for anyone interested in learning how to quilt.  I am, for the most part,  a self-taught quilter and as a result have first hand knowledge and experience of what works and what does not.  Often, the way to learn … Read more

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