Top 5 Things to Do This Weekend #8

Once again Thursday has arrived and has brought you to My Quilting Space – the place for all the creative ideas and inspiration you’ll need to make the most of your weekend ahead!

So let’s get started!

1. My Sewing Room

~~~ For those of you not in the thick of all things quilty, or may have missed an earlier post on this subject, this Saturday, Sept 21st is National Sew a Jelly Roll Day. Sew…you know where to find me – sewing these colorful strips using a pattern from my stash “basket weave” design.

.Jelly Roll Fabric Strips

My fingers are crossed that I can at least finish the top and post it here by Monday night (Sept 23rd).

~~~ I’ve also been busy using up the last of my “Farmer’s Daughter” fabric line and practicing and perfecting the stitch and flip applique technique.

Thanks to Lori Holt from Bee in My Bonnet and her excellent applique instructions I can finally (after at least 50 attempts) say I enjoy making simple shapes into applique pieces. The edges are clean, smooth and the tools and techniques she uses create such a professional appearance.

Lori Holt Granny's Garden Quilt Along

The link above takes you to the first project in her Sew Simple Shapes Series and image should take you to the first post in this Granny’s Garden Quilt Along. Aside from being completely smitten with everyone of these designs, I am sorry that I am late to this party but I am determined to somehow find the time to play catch-up and create this adorable quilt.

2. What’s Happening in Hamilton

Hamilton, MO

Let’s say you’d love to be a part of National Sew a Jelly Roll Day but…you don’t have a jelly roll to sew or, you have a jelly roll or two but want to save them for another occasion… you are in luck!

Missouri Star Quilt Co is having a fabulous sale on select jelly rolls. Between Wednesday the 18th and Saturday the 21st you can save up to 30%. Head on over and see what inspires you!

3. Sewing / Craft Pattern of the Week

Fabric Cherry Pie

When I came across these pin cushions my first thought was, “This is my kind of pie! No baking, no mess, no calories!” Within minutes the wheels in my brain were really turning and could easily visualize these adorable little “pies” as gifts. They would also look great on a shelf in my sewing room!

If I find myself twiddling my thumbs this weekend, I’ll make a return trip to the National Sewing Circle and try my hand making these Pin Cushion Pies.

4. Re purpose / Re-Use /DIY

Glass cases for use in DIY project

In my daily search for an item I need for whatever project I’m working on I keep coming across an old glasses case or two. And now that I’m doing more applique, the time has come to turn at least one of those glass cases into something useful. The most pressing need is to have a central location for the many long, thin shaped items I use and so easily misplace. Another idea is to create a mini sewing kit with thread, needles and embroidery scissors.

I really hope I find the time for at least one of these this weekend. Like the jelly roll quilt top, should I finish this project in time you find it in a special edition blog post on Monday.

5. Hey Susan! What’s Cookin’?

Jamielyn Nye's 4 Ingredient Toffee Caramel Dip with Apple Slices

A sweet co-worker of mine and her family are moving to Austin and as a farewell we are having a “Dip Day” during lunch at work. As sad as I am to see her go there is a bright side – a reason to make a #10 wash tub full of this super easy and delicious Toffee Caramel Dip! I’m also bringing apple slices and pretzels – it’s always nice to balance sweet with a little salt!.

Thank you for stopping by!

Leave a comment letting us know where you found inspiration this week and as always have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Hi, Susan,

    I love your website, its theme, and the lay out. It is awesome! The way you design and sew is amazing! So meaningful and creative! Keep doing the great work!


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