Countdown to the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival

Yes, the official count down has begun…

and the preparatory jitters – making lists, ordering fabric, getting organized and making sure when the day arrives I have everything I need.

In just over 3 weeks the convention Center in Overland Park, KS will open its doors to thousands of “quilters” as well as quilting/sewing vendors and instructors making their third bi-annual pilgrimage to the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival (KCQRF).

Last year, I feel I was probably too filled with wild eyed wonder and somewhat overwhelmed to fully appreciate all this festival had to offer. So many quilts to judge – so many fabrics – so many sponsors with their wares for sale and demonstration. Too much to take in on one day. You really need two – three if you plan to take a class or two.

However, this year I will approach it with an entirely new perspective and a mission – or two.

Mission #1 – Learn Something New

To accomplish my first mission, I’ve taken advantage of the class offerings from professional quilters and signed up for two classes.

Thursday Class

The first is a 6-hour class taught by Trisch Price where we will be making a variation of clam she’ll quilt entitled, “Fruit Stand”. A couple of the new techniques I hope to learn to include curved piecing and inserting a circle in a circle. This will also be a good opportunity for me to improve my paper piecing and applique skills.

Below is an example of Trisch’s quilt we will be making in the class:

Fruit Stand Quilt by Trisch Price

Friday Class

The second class is a 3-hour Machine Applique class taught by Mary Honas. I’m really looking forward to this. After discovering the versatility and design opportunities using applique to embellish a quilt I have wanted to learn and do more of it. Right now, the process is somewhat time-consuming for me but I feel that will change once I learn firsthand, from a professional, all the tips, tricks and techniques that make applique such an eye-catching embellishment to any fabric project.

Mission #2 – Research the Perfect Quilting Machine

One of the greatest aspects of a festival like this is the opportunity to “test drive” sewing and quilting machines. In a previous post I described my Dream Machine and this festival will be a perfect opportunity to help decide my next big sewing machine purchase.

Getting Prepared

So, here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

1) Choose and Purchase Fabric for the “Fruit Stand Quilt class.

Right now I’m going with the solids shown below from Bella Solids Collection by Moda fabrics. However, anyone who knows me knows how often I can change my mind and “when” I do, you will find my updated choice(s) here!

The prints will be pulled from the Robert Kauffman (Studio RK) collection “On the Lighter Side”. I feel these low volume prints will coordinate nicely with the solids. The citrus colors will be used to depict the orange, lemon and lime shapes as well as the appliqued fruit slices.

Fruit Stand Quilt Fabrics

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate summer’s arrival the following week than with fresh and fun citrus inspired quilt! Stay tuned for the finished product – Can’t wait to show it off!

2) Getting Organized

Being obsessed with bags and totes and anything “organization” can only mean one thing – I may need another bag to hold-and-organize-everything. Currently, I have my eye on this, the Maker Bag by Noodlehead. Sure, I could use the Beetle Bag I wrote about a few months back but I made unnecessary and unflattering changes to the pattern and want to do a do-over before presenting it to the public.

The problem with this idea, as always, is time. The festival is only a month away and since there a few other things on my plate (housework, yard work, “work” work, finishing another quilt, sleep, etc.) it will be a challenge to fit this in but I do intend to give it a solid try.

Should I by some miracle finish this before the festival I will definitely post it so stay tuned!

All other listed tools and notions for each class I already have. For photographic purposes I have these items neatly organized in a clear tray from my large and bulky sewing basket – and this could work in a pinch. However, I need these easy-to-loose items in a bag or organizer that makes each item easy to access and the blade, snips (and anything else sharp) needs a safer storage option.

Quilting Notions

All Aboard!

Anyone else ready to climb aboard the quilt festival train?

At this time of year there are many festivals and markets in a variety of locations to choose from. If you do attend one these great events do tell us about your experience and post a picture or two if you like!

6 thoughts on “Countdown to the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival”

  1. Oh this was so interesting to read.I love all the personal stories and family history that is often found in quilts. They tell their own stories. My sister makes quilts, I have several that she has made for me. I also have a friend who is learning and attends a fortnightly sewing class.

    I visited Boston once and new England and the shops with quilting stuff were amazing!I really hope you enjoy the Kansas city festival. I think you have made a wise choice to attend some classes whilst there.

    I look forward to hearing all about it.


    • Hi Louise and thank you for your sweet comments!

      Visiting New England – especially those quilt shops in Boston is on my To-Do list!  My husband and I hope to be able to take a road trip to that region later this year.  I’ll certainly post about it on my blog when I do!

  2. Greetings
    Susan, Your excitement for Quilting is enthusiastic and catching! I am reminded
    of my precious Mother-In-Law and years long ago. Alma created and sewed
    beautiful Quilts of many kinds for everyone she knew. She was beloved by
    everyone and she taught me the joy of Quilting with her. When my Son married
    all he ask for was one of Grandma and Mom’s Hunter Green Quilts! I am glad to
    see the joy in the craft of Quilting is not lost! God Bless and Good Luck,
    Janice 🤗🌷

    • Thank you Janice for stopping by and for sharing your sweet comments!    I’ve had an on-again-off-again love affair with quilting over the years but I think I’ve finally decided this is one of my many purposes in life!

      • Greetings Susan,
        I can’t think of a more loving purpose than the gift of your time and talent in Quilting. Further, If you could continue to spread your Joy in Quilting to a new Generation that would be a gift to them!
        Keep up the good work, we love your Site!
        God Bless and Good Luck!
        Janice ??

        • Hi Janice and thank you for your kind words! It is my hope that I am able to do what I can to keep spreading the joy!


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