The Best $14.95 I’ve Ever Spent

That’s Right – a Simple $14.95 Purchase Has Changed My Life! It is not only a solid investment but one I should have made long, long, long ago and here’s why: Achieving a consistent 1/4″ seam is THE foundation for accurately piecing most every quilt top you make. The above statement is nothing new but …

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Making Waves with Paper Piecing

The Adventure Quilt A Long …a Road Trip has become quite a learning experience and has proven to be every bit as educational as adventurous. The Journey So Far… I’ve learned how to: 1) develop a system of organization, 2) discovered additional uses for a walking foot and 3) piece several blocks using new-to-me techniques …

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How Using a Walking Foot Saves Time, Money and Your Sanity

Who knew a big, bulky and (in my case, a clunky sounding) sewing machine attachment that goes by the name “Walking Foot” – also known as an “Even Feed Foot” could could do so much more than help you sew two pieces of fabric together! St. Patrick’s Day has arrived and I continue to merrily …

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